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Can you trust your virtual assistant?

Now with the way we interact with our world and technology changing all the time, the advent of Siri and now Google assistant is helping drive our new world of engagement. However do we trust what we are getting from our new virtual assistants? Are they really specialist enough to make a difference?

Yes they can give me an answer to the nearest restaurant i am looking for or call my colleague when i ask but can it really be my can't live without assistant? 

The difference between a 'do engine' and my own personal assistant that can actually make my life easier seems a long way off. 

If you've seen the TV series 'Suits' you will know what having a personal assistant like 'Donna' is like, she understands 'Harvey's' user state (emotion, awareness, comprehension) she makes everything personal to the point that sometimes not even Harvey knew and lastly the trust is there to allow her to act like that.

If we are going to get virtual assistants to that level we sure are a long way off because i tell you both Siri and Google Assistant are no Donna!

Today, the virtual assistant landscape is exploding with innovation: New applications and new forms of interaction are constantly emerging. Although the idea of a virtual assistant is decades old, it went mainstream with Apple’s introduction of Siri. Siri was created at SRI International based on years of AI research, spun off as an independent venture-backed company in 2007, and acquired by Apple in 2010. The Siri that the world knows enables users to quickly find information and execute important device functions in a fast and friendly way. But Siri was first developed as a “do engine,” similar to the emerging crop of AI assistants.

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