It's not just those who have been labelled with the title of CEO or MD that are leaders in this world, we all are in one way or another. So this article is a great read to help anyone understand how to survive in the Smart Machine Age.

Technology is going to become an integral part of every business function, so you have to Engage with it otherwise you won't be able to thrive fast enough. Long and the short is open your mind and learn more. 

This world will change at an exponential growth so embrace it as soon as possible and don't get left behind.

Learn to understand 'otherness' and connectedness with key stakeholders like never before and improve presence as now technology is there to be more inclusive.

Human thinkers will be the ones who drive our future forward, become a thinker and you will become a leader, enable growth and change and you will be seen as a visionary.

At Rush we are working with businesses on how they change their customer facing offering or how they get a deeper engagement with their consumers in this new world, however sometimes we need to focus on ourselves as leaders so that we can then be part of the solution and take advantage of this very exciting future. Good luck