Gamification is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. When you put this into perspective with real world executions, where it starts to have merit and show some incredible results. 

You can use gamification in almost any and every walk of life, from commercial industries where typically employee engagement can fluctuate to Entertainment situations where fans expectations are higher needing to have more reasons to pay for a live event instead of choosing to stay at home and watch on a paid TV service. 

Axonify are doing exactly that, and the investment is backing up where their market disruption need to be. Axonify have found that their customers no longer want to sit in another day long training session where they take one or 2 things away from it, instead of spending time making money and being productive for their business. Customers can now learn something new each day in a format that is engaging and fulfilling, while also being effective. 

At Rush, we exemplify the gamification mentality and look at each project with a level of transparent analysis so that we can maximise the effectiveness of the execution, what ever that may be.