We've all seen the future that Hollywood has portrayed for us over the years thanks to movies like 'Back to the Future 2' and TV shows like the Jetsons. However as we move into a world of change and move extremely fast we can now start to see how the future might unfold.

This opinion piece here is an outstanding read on how something that seems quite significant for one specific industry (automotive) actually has the potential to change the way we all live and breathe in ways we never could have expected.

I love the idea that these changes could be so positive. Yes they are going to turn traditional industries and workforces upside down, yes there will be jobs and businesses that either adapt of die, yes society is going to resist change and not want the system to run our lives but look at the potential upsides.

Better infrastructure, communities, safety, look and feel, urban design, lower insurance fees and better lifestyle in general these are just some of the things i am looking forward too taking advantage of. Sure they may not all pan out like that but isn't it great to dream.

The long and the short of all of this is that change is coming and it is coming faster than any of us could possibly imagine. What does it mean for us? It means we need to try and see it coming and start planning for it, personally, professionally and anyway possible so we can help contribute to it.

Professionally at Rush we are seeing it even today, we are working with companies across multiple industries who are trying to prepare for the next generation as technology is going to be at the forefront weather it's driverless cars or Internet of things across the board preparation is critical.

Personally i have 3 kids who are not yet at high school and i am trying to help them work out what the future will look like and how they should be planning for that future, what professions are going to be around by the time they get out of high school and into the workforce in 10 years time.

Right now i don't have all the answers, all i can do is try and anticipate this future and hope that we put in place the right foundations for change and success. 

Whatever the outcome i can't wait to be a part of it!