I'm with Dieter and the Verge guys here... I'm sold, and If I really needed a new laptop other than the one supplied through work, I'd be throwing my money, again, at Apple. 

But lets look at this a little closer shall we... Apple have developed a new technology that, when we really consider it, isn't new...  Its not the first iteration of a touch tool bar on a laptop. One of my colleagues yesterday was showing us his (very) old HP laptop which had dedicated soft keys for volume and wifi. But Apple, took it a big further and made the touch bar more versatile and subsequently more relevant. Now the touch bar is app and program specific, giving you more direct functionality. And by no means does this mean that the traditional keys mac function keys are lost, you just have to tap a menu key and you're back to where you are used to with media and volume keys. 

I love innovation, and its part our DNA here at Rush. What Apple have done, is make Innovation not for the sake of it, but for the very intuitive nature of advancement and pure engagement.