I recently moved house and had to go through the wonderful process of researching and choosing my new internet provider. During this research, I found out that I can get Gigabit Fibre... thats 1000mbps but the extra cost, currently, doesn't warrant the need for Gigabit broadband. So I opted for 100mbps fibre instead. Here, Engadget talk about Nokia's partnership with SK Broadband in South Korea to install 52.5Gbps... thats 52,500,000 mbps!

I remember when I got 1mbps broadband installed in my apartment in London back in 2002. Times have changed and for us as New Zealand based businesses, means that the divide between us and the rest of the world is being broken down and we are becoming a more connected or interconnected society. 

These barriers are fading fast and I'm excited by the journey that technology is on for consumers and businesses alike. Speeds like this mean I'll be able to stream VR experiences into my home and AR experiences on my device... who doesn't want this?! 

Take my money!!