I'm a geek and a gamer. My entire working life, I've been buying tech and games to spend my non working hours slaving away at the very latest gaming loops and conquests! 

All of this, time and again, leads me to the very latest tech releases. You see, I am an early adopter. I bought Apple Watch, Pebble Watch and Android Wear just so I could say, I know each eco system and which one I prefer. (Apple Watch, obviously!) This is the same with Gaming. I own and Xbox One and a Playstation 4. I even had a Nintendo Wii U, till I sold it due to lack of use. 

Today, marks the date of the Playstation VR HMD. I've been back and forth about this one since the announcement and with all the information available, I've decided to resist the desire to buy the headset on Day One. It was a hard decision to make, but one I have taken seriously. And the reason is not because I don't believe in the hype or VR (of course I do, I work for Rush Digital, we are VR!) its simply because, I want to buy the Playstation 4 Pro first. 

You see, I know that the VR Unit works well with the current incarnation of the Playstation 4, but I want the better hardware. I want the higher frame rate and I want the 4k resolution. I want to play my games on the very best and very latest tech. And Playstation are here, with bells on. And today, October 13th, is a day for gamers.