We work with brands, we work with lots and lots of them and especially the marketers or organisations. However as we move into a world with even more and more technology coming on tap it is becoming harder and harder for brands and marketing departments to keep up.

Digital transformation is going to be critical to the future of all business. How are we all going to move towards the new world that superstars like Uber & Airbnb are currently forging? Is it going to be customer centric thinking and personalised experiences that will drive this transformation or will it be the technology platforms that are opening up new ways of communication? 

At Rush we see a future where the two work hand in hand together, experience and technology become one, thinking and building are interconnected and boardrooms, marketers, IT and procurement are aligned with one common goal....customer experiences at the centre of future business growth.

So is VR tech worth the investment? Possibly, however it all depends on what your customers needs are today and more importantly what they will be tomorrow!