I spoke about this several times before (even on a couple of pod casts), and many of my close friends and technology confidants have heard my vision of the future - a world where we have no electronics on our persons, just an expression of ourselves in our clothes, a statement in our hair, ink and jewelry. So that's a big call -- no electronics on us? I'm not actually suggesting a total devolution, quite the opposite. I see a future of a powered connected city, much like traffic lights, signage and roads are infrastructure provided to us to use and maintained by our various taxes etc, so too will future computing infrastructure be integrated as things we take for granted like we do our roads which we don't give a 2nd thought to when we buy a car or road cycle. 

How will this look though? Well, an example might be you walking up to any wall or flat surface in a city, and placing your hand there, the gesture being recognized and a map being projected right there in front of you by a ubiquitous computing component (a high accuracy, targeting projector), tracking your hand gestures as well and as easily as if you were using a personal device. 

Technology has the power to surprise, and the future, for the first time in a long time, looks as surprising a time as ever.

In this article, Google start to talk about this ubiquitous presence, with the launch of various computing platforms we are running in that direction every day and every generation of hardware that comes, first your home will be smarter, then your neighborhood, then your suburb, then your city, then the world, and who knows if Musk gets his way, one day Mars ;)