So in the last week Facebook has launched two of the most significant products into its ecosystem - Facebook VR and Facebook Marketplace.  What struck me the most about these two significant announcements is that there was no mention of any cross over. The unmentioned crossover in fact is the ever evolving Facebook Messenger.  Here you have potentially the biggest trojan horse in the making, that will take Facebook from a social network to a end-to-end immersive commerce ecosystem.  Let me look into the crystal ball and try to paint the picture I am seeing:

1) Facebook Marketplace allows embedding of Facebook VR content for shoppers to experience the end product and service on sale

2) Facebook Messenger becomes the execution engine for p2p communications and transactions

3) Bricks and Mortar stores are no longer relevant,. Just throw on some Oculus Connects and you're suddenly in Milan shopping away.

This has some pretty interesting implications for the retailers of today.  The winners in this ecosystem won't be the stores that protect their patch on the high-street.  Instead the likely winners will be the individuals and brands that create the most compelling and interactive VR content to go along with the best products.