We are looking at one of the biggest step changes in modern history happening right in front of us. The mobile computing ecosystem has changed forever and yes it might come down to the big two owning the hardware battle for right now but as this article touches on we are moving towards a world where we don't even have mobile phones any longer and the battle ground will become our environments.

We are entering into the next generation where the digital divide between real world and digital world no longer exists. Yes it seems farfetched right now but look around you and see what is happening right now, what is being announced by all the big players and then piece it all together if you can get your head around it. 

What does this means for us as consumers? Great things i hope, amazing opportunities that allow us to connect with friends and loved ones better than ever before, the ability to experience things we have never had the chance too and hopefully the chance to grow as a society for the better.

More importantly what does it mean for business? Incredible ability to connect with our customers in a way never seen before, the chance to change up the way we work, our business models and if it all comes together our bottom lines!