An FPGA is like computer chip Playdoh, it's a special type of CPU circuitry that is completely re-programmable, it can be a high speed audio signal processing chip one day, a high speed hardware compression chip the next. These FPGA's have been around for a long time, they were initially used to prototype silicon designs before they were cast into permanent chips and mass produced, but Altera (now owned by Intel & the world's leaders at FPGA's) have made these chips so fast that you can run commercial applications on them. Microsoft and other cloud platforms + providers are leveraging this, adding in FPGA's that can be pre-programmed to run A.I code as if though it was a specialized circuit, but being able to patch and self-patch a piece of circuitry every day - you can imagine the speed and benefits that has. The real question is, if we let an A.I. chip self-improve at such pace, should we just call it Skynet and get ready for the war (clearly... I'm joking)?