Last week was a HUGE week in the life of Rush Digital.  Not only did the Prime Minister John Key enjoy playing with our VR game - Wizard Battles (currently under production) - in New York, but Rush also took out our category in the Visa Everyone Everywhere challenge.

The night was very successful for NZ startups, on two different corners of the world.  This was another poignant moment to reflect why we are able to punch above our weight.

From a macro perspective, it is interesting to note that the true psyche of the NZ business person is steeped in collaboration.  Right from the airport arrival lounge in Sydney we started bouncing ideas about each others' companies. It was fun getting to know the guys from ThoughtWired and CuraNZ.  At no point were they competitors in the same categories as ours.  They were instead fellow tech entrepreneurs, trying to solve a HUGE problem from another angle - how do we give financial freedom to disabled people in the form of innovative payments technology. Bravo to Dmitry and James from ThoughtWired for taking out the overall prize.

From a here-and-now perspective, it's also interesting to note why NZ is seeing startup success. In a word, talent.  I am a firm believer that globally, the best people are going into startups. Young New Zealanders today are less inclined to go overseas by themselves and more inclined to join a NZ startup going global.

Hope the rest of 2016 brings more opportunities for the Rush team to showcase some great work, working with some of the most innovative global brands like Visa to solve their toughest innovation challenges.  Watch this space.