Co ordinating your Poke-efforts just got easier.

Thanks to Razer (yes, the keyboards & mice) Pokemon trainers can now discover team members in their area, drop hints on where to find rare poke-things, and rally up to take down a gym together. It's called RazerGo.

The glaring issue is that Niantic could, in one fell swoop, render RazerGo completely useless by integrating the same features into their app. This update is unlikely to happen any time soon, but it's certainly a concern. I would hope Razer knows something we don't.

Watching businesses all around the world creatively take advantage of the Pokemon craze and hearing all the media around mishaps has been interesting to say the least. From companies trying to cash in to unwittingly wandering over the border, one thing's for sure: the Pokemon saga will continue to fascinate us all.