VR is really starting to build momentum and everyone is writing about its possible future. This article is another great look into this future and makes some very valid points. Using the example of Pokemon GO as a form of VR is only partially true, it is really a form of what we call Mixed Reality or MR as it is a combination of AR and virtual world environment. It is not VR in its true sense of the word as you do not require an visual apparatus to change your vision and take you into a virtual world experience i.e. you are still seeing the real world with an Augmented creation overlaid while playing a game in a real world/virtual world combo.

What i do really like about this article is the two key areas it believes that VR will help drive marketing in the future. The whole try before you buy or experience something like a high ticket item before you make your buying decision is not a completely new idea but doing it from the comfort of your own living room is very much. The idea that i can investigate my next holiday destination, the hotel, the airline I'm flying on, the beaches, the culture all before i decide to spend my hard earned $$$ is next level. Investigating my kids next school campus or university accomadation without having to fly miles around the country is a service i would buy into only for my peace of mind.

We are working at Rush Digital with a number of brands who are trying to help their end customers experience how their products are developed so they can really buy into the brand and its story. In the every changing world we live in future generations want to know who these brands are and what makes them tick, VR is a perfect partner to do this and it is extremely effective.

The challenge is very much a horse and cart one that we as an industry must overcome. There isn't the content available to the consumer right now to make the consumer want to buy a HTC or an Oculus and there isn't going to be the content until there are enough eyeballs. We now more than ever need to be brave, clever and work hard as an industry.