We're at an age where humans are beginning to be able to interface with 'computers' the way we've always dreamed - even in the 80's, Michael Knight's Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, known as KITT was (maybe almost) every child and adult's dream car. A smart, self-driving, context-aware, talking vehicle.

That dream back then, is now already reality.

Without really giving it much thought, we're already using voice assistants (Apple Siri, Google Now, Amazon Echo/Alexa) to ask for location information, send texts and emails, and even order a 'cab' (read: uber) and order shopping.

With VR & AR and advanced LIDAR and CV (Computer Vision), interfaces like we saw in the 2002 movie Minority Report are also already here.

I agree with Robert; VR/AR/AI and all the other emerging technologies are going change our daily lives whether we like it or not, much like how cars have become deeply embedded into our human existence. 

There are many forms UI can begin to take shape from now, and uncertainty of where this could head is very exciting.