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The difference between 360 video, VR & AR....

So this interview with Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie who is widely known for using technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) discusses some key points in how people are perceiving the immersive experiences now in play. I totally agree that at this early stage there is confusion in the industry and some people are creating experiences and just calling them VR when the true essence they are not. I also agree that VR and AR will have a massive impact on many different businesses  who want to get their messages out there in a compelling way. We are working with lots of business big and small who are immersing people in a range of environments through VR. Also AR is allowing many people to engage with a digital experience in the real world and allowing our partners to offer information and experiences like never seen before.

Well, they all use digital technology in some ways. The difference between virtual reality in its purest form and augmented reality in its original context is that pure virtual reality requires you to put on some kind of device, usually a head-mounted display, that separates you from the physical world to immerse you in something where any sort of extraneous signals coming from something that’s not the experience being provided to you in virtual reality, they can’t intrude. Now, augmented reality by context is designed so that it overlays some sort of imagery on to the physical world. So it doesn’t work without the physical world. It’s augmenting the reality you have. And there are favorites of that where it’s more augmented than it is reality or more reality than it is augmented.

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